How do we know what toys are right for a child? How do we match features with the ages and abilities of children? How do we make sure that toys are fun? It’s simple, really: we consult the experts! Our experts are children and parents who participate in our toy testing at the Mattel Imagination Center. Since Mattel began in 1945, children and parents have always played an important role in the toy making process.

The Mattel Imagination Center is a place where children, toy designers and researchers come together to make compelling toys and experiences for children. Together, we play, we discover and we imagine what the future of play will be. By partnering with children and their families, we are able to make products that teach, captivate, encourage and delight.

Be a part of our history and a part of our future by registering your child to become a toy tester today!

Register your child to become a toy tester!